Our Process

Initial call or meeting

Get the ball rolling with you as our client.

Application for approval

Done either in person or via email to suit your needs.

Welcome correspondence

In the form of an email sent to you with all relevant Dominion Mortgage Pros contact information. A copy is also forwarded to your realtor provided one is present.

Rate shopping

Within 24 - 48 hours of the initial meeting we research, run the numbers and revert back to you with the best market options.

Choosing a lender

You choose which lender option you prefer based on the information provided and we submit for approval/pre-approval.


During the approval/pre-approval process, we send out a documentation list that the lender will require from you.

Initial outcome

Once the outcome on approval or pre-approval is back, we inform you.


If Pre-approved, you can start shopping for properties knowing your qualifying amount and documents you’ll need to collect. We have a rate hold in place while you search for properties. If Approved, we arrange an appropriate time for mortgage signing. An important part of the Approval step is coordinating documents with the lender to complete the financing.

Once signing and documents are complete

We inform you of completion of financing. Closer to funding date, the lender instructs their lawyer for closing.

Progress update

We give a progress update to your realtor and inform your lawyer of all developments to date to keep everyone in the loop.


We keep in contact with you making sure our services are available to you as needed. You will receive mortgage market updates via monthly newsletters and timely reminders as pivotal events on your mortgage or pre-approval come up. Our door is always open to you!